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Click any of the markers, which represent locations of aphid traps, to see information on how many immigrating winged aphids were trapped at that location on each date throughout the season. The data are updated as soon as they are obtained. If aphids are found to be carrying viruses on any date, that will be noted. Maps for the current year will be posted as soon as data can be acquired and analyzed.

Marker/Background Color Key
Fall planting Fall planting     Spring planting Spring planting     Hairy Vetch Hairy Vetch population
      no aphids found     BLRV found
      aphids found     PeSV found
      PEMV found     more than one virus type found

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N.J. Canyon
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Number of Aphids/ELISA Incidence by date. Colors indicate presence of PEMV, BLRV, PeSV or more than 1 virus present in collected aphids and/or ELISA samples. ELISA samples are taken sporadically in the season and only show virus presence/absence in plant samples only.

Sample date # of Aphids ELISA PEMV ELISA BLRV